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How to Manage Blood Sugar Levels



Blood sugar levels are nothing but the amount of sugar or glucose in the blood. When a person is suffering from diabetes, the pancreas are unable to produce adequate amount of insulin. Insulin is required by the body to convert the glucose produced by the food you eat to enter the cells of the body so that it can be converted into energy. However, in case of diabetes, due to lack of insulin, the glucose does not enter the body cells but rather remains in the blood which can prove to be extremely disastrous when it comes to your body’s health. Lack of controlled blood sugar can lead to many health complications like heart problems, kidney failure, paralysis and even blindness, to mention a few.

Steps Towards Managing the Blood Sugar Levels

If you are suffering from diabetes, or if you have a family history for the same, then you must take extra precautions towards managing your blood sugar levels. Although regular check ups and consultation from your health care specialist is advisable, it becomes extremely important for a person to keep a track on his/her daily lifestyle in order to live a longer and healthier life. These changes should be implemented in your diet, physical activities, stress levels, and proper sleep. All these points are discussed as follows.

Watch what You Eat!
One of the secrets of managing blood sugar levels lies in what you eat! Maintaining a consistent diabetic diet is extremely essential in order to be assured that you are eating the right food. Make sure that you stay away from these three ingredients, ‘Sugar, Salt and Saturated and trans fats’! For example, instead of consuming full fat milk or cheese, go for skimmed milk or low fat cheese. Also avoid eating red meat like pork, beef, etc., and go for white and lean meat. Avoiding processed food and canned foods is also a must as these are high in sodium levels. It is also a must to even out the carbohydrates that you consume as they add more to your blood sugar levels as compared to fats. Avoid simple carbohydrates and go for complex carbohydrates instead. Ideally, your carbohydrates should be 50% of the total calorie diet you are consuming in a day. Eating whole grains would be a good choice in this case. Cutting down on your junk food including burgers, pizzas, french fries and chocolates should be the first step. Switching hard drinks or soft drinks with water or lime juice would definitely be required.

Be in Shape!
Well, if you follow the aforementioned step, that is follow a low calorie and healthy diet, you will surely shed some weight. Getting back in shape is extremely necessary in order to manage blood sugar levels as obesity increases the risk for many additional complications in diabetes. It is important to first target on reducing the waistline of the person as it is believed that people with wider waistline are more prone to have more complications. Being in shape requires consumption of a low calorie diet and adapting an active lifestyle. This is what is also needed to manage your blood sugar levels. So start working towards it from now! If you think you can manage losing weight on your own, then great; otherwise, you can also take help of a nutritionist or get yourself enrolled in a gym. Anything that works for you.

Learn to Relax!
As mentioned earlier, elevated amount of stress levels can also lead to elevated blood sugar levels. Therefore, if you are a diabetic and really want to work towards managing your blood sugar levels, then you must avoid taking too much of stress. Go for deep breathing exercises that contribute a lot when it comes to relaxing a person. There are various stress control techniques like aromatherapy, progressive relaxation techniques, etc., that can help you take a deep breath and relax! In order to have a calm mind, it is also important to get adequate amount of sleep. So make sure you get an ample amount of sleep, thereby giving your mind a chance to be more active, alert and relaxed!

Take Your Medications on TIME!
Considering the fact that you are diabetic, it is very important to take your medications on time. If you have type 1 diabetes, then it is extremely important to take your insulin on time. I mean, I have seen many people who tend to skip their insulin injections out of laziness. This is something you must NEVER do! If you have type 2 diabetes and you have been asked to take certain drugs or insulin injections, then make sure that you take these as instructed by your doctor.

Monitor your Blood Sugar Levels Regularly!
Keeping a track of your blood sugar levels on a regular basis is of extreme importance. Many a time your body may not show any symptoms of high or low blood sugar levels, also known as hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia, but then you might put yourself under a great risk by being ignorant. I, personally know someone who never bothered about checking her blood sugar levels and one day, due to elevated blood sugar levels, ended up becoming blind from one eye. Now she can only see with her right eye, and that too the vision is reduced by 75%! Now she has become so conscious and scared of food, that she avoids eating foods that can easily be eaten by a diabetic. If you don’t want to be in the same situation, then you must make it a point to manage your blood sugar levels on a regular basis. There are many testing kits that can help you check the blood sugar levels at home. Regular medical checkups to test blood sugar levels, are also advisable. Do what is required to prevent further complications.

Maintain a ‘Healthy’ and ‘Active’ Lifestyle!
By maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, I mean that you should do what is right for your health! Firstly, you must completely avoid activities like smoking, drinking alcohol and getting involved in recreational drugs! Secondly, you must maintain a healthy and active lifestyle by exercising as much as required in order to shed the extra pounds thereby reducing the complications that can arise further. Start with 40 minutes of brisk walking daily, be it in the morning or in the evening. If you ask me, I would advice you to exercise early in the morning and soak a little bit of sun while breathing the fresh morning breeze. Studies suggest that soaking in the UVB rays of the sun for 10-15 minutes can actually trigger the production of vitamin D which can actually save the body from a lot of serious diseases and ailments, including diabetes!

So these were some simple and effective measures which, if implemented religiously can actually contribute towards managing the blood sugar levels in the human body. Apart from the aforementioned steps, regular check ups and consultation with your doctor is also a must as it is your doctor who would be able to tell you through routine check ups about how well you are doing. So take your first step towards managing your blood glucose by going through this chart for blood sugar levels and using it as a reference to set your goals to bring back the levels to normal. So start planning and implementing from NOW!


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