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Effects of Alcohol on Blood Sugar



Blood sugar, also known as blood glucose, is very essential for the healthy growth and development of the body. Blood sugar in the body is formed after we have consumed our food and the foods are broken into glucose and stored in our muscle groups. Blood glucose is also made from all the nutrients which the body consumes. The human body has two hormones which do the work of maintaining normal blood glucose levels; they are insulin and glucagon. In normal situations, when there is low blood glucose level, your body functions by making more sugar or using the excess sugar stored in the body. When a person consumes alcohol, which is not at all healthy for the body, the body uses its full force to make sure its thrown out of the system. Various studies have proved that drinking alcohol is very harmful as it mixes in the blood and interferes with the body’s capacity of producing insulin.

Alcohol can be extremely dangerous for blood sugar each time you drink it, regardless of how much measure you take. Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach is one of the prime causes of low blood sugar levels. Alcohol remains in the blood for a longer time than glucose, so it’s obvious that you may be at a high risk of suffering from hypoglycemia. A drop in the blood glucose levels also depends on which type of alcohol you consume.

Effects of Alcohol on Diabetes

Diabetic people have to keep a close check on their blood sugar levels and follow strict rules when it comes to consumption of alcohol. It’s advised that with high fat and sugary foods, you also stop the consumption of alcohol for some time. Here’s why alcohol is dangerous for diabetic people. Have a look at this article on alcohol and diabetes.
Consuming alcohol is hazardous as it causes a drop in your blood sugar level. Most alcoholic beverages can cause hypoglycemia.
Consuming alcohol while you’re managing your diabetes can also lead to many eye complications. Diabetic patients should avoid drinking alcohol as they can suffer from damaged vision or temporary blindness.
Alcohol can mix in your blood stream and cause diabetic patients to suffer from nerve damage. This nerve damage can also cause terrible pain in various areas of the body.
The liver plays a very important role in the formation of glucose in the body, alcohol consumption for diabetic patients can cause hindrances in the production of glucose and affect the proper functioning of the liver, causing more problems.
Diabetic patients who are on insulin or drugs should refrain from drinking alcohol as alcohol can cause a drop in sugar levels. Many diabetic centers claim that when alcohol is introduced in the body, the liver fails to distribute insulin to various parts of the body thus hampering the blood sugar levels of the body.
People, especially diabetics, should consult their doctors about the ideal quantity of alcohol. For those who are on medication, it’s advised that you stop drinking alcohol at once, as taking both medications and alcohol in the body can certainly cause some side effects.

Always remember that the effects of alcohol on blood sugar are very adverse. Hence, it’s advised to stay away from alcohol, or limit the consumption to 1 glass. Many people feel that alcohol is a stress buster, on the contrary, it only causes health hazards and nothing else. It has an adverse effect on the body and drinking alcohol extensively cause cirrhosis of the liver and even cancer.


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