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Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetics



It is important to maintain a proper blood sugar level in the blood for maintaining proper health. In today’s fast paced lifestyle we tend to give less importance to health to be ahead in the race. It may result in achieving the goal without realizing the loss or real wealth, and which is one’s health. Hence, it has become extremely important to take proper care of one’s health.

Blood Sugar Levels Explained

Blood sugar level is nothing but the level of blood glucose in our bodies. Our bodies produce this glucose from ingested carbohydrates. This glucose is necessary for essential bodily functions. They are like power houses which provide energy to the tissues, nervous system and the brain. The intestine helps to absorb this glucose directly into the bloodstream, hence increasing the blood glucose level. Now, to make sure that this blood glucose level does not increase rapidly, the pancreas produces insulin to keep its levels low.

Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetics

Blood sugar is normally measured in molecular count for which the unit is mmol/l which is millimoles per liter. It is also measured as per weight in grams, and it’s unit is mg/dl which is milligrams per deciliter. In quite a few countries the unit for measuring the blood glucose levels is mg/dl. For a normal non-diabetic person, the blood sugar level is stable at 4-8 mmol/l. For each and every person this level tends to increase after a meal and is recorded the lowest in mornings. The normal blood sugar levels in diabetics can be anything between 70-140 mg/dl. The difference is hard to interpret on the basis of gender though. Hence, it is important to keep this value somewhere within the range.

High blood sugar is when the sugar level is more than normal. There may be many reasons for the increase in blood sugar levels. It can be either intake of too much of calories, an illness or injury, surgery, or if a person has stopped taking insulin or pills. It is really important to keep a watch on sugar levels. Even a single skipped dose of missed insulin pill can cause your blood sugar level to rise. High blood sugar levels in diabetics is anything more than 180 mg/dl.

Low blood sugar is when the blood glucose level falls below normal. It is most likely to get a low blood glucose level reading when your food intake is relatively low, when you exert a lot, do a lot of exercise and also if you take a lot of insulin pills. Hence, the blood sugar levels in diabetics is low when the blood glucose level is less than 70 mg/dl.

Fasting in diabetes means that the patient has not eaten for approximately eight hours and then the blood sugar levels are monitored. Hence, the blood sugar level normally must be anywhere between 70 to 100 mg/dl or 3.9 to 5.5 mmol/l. If you get a constant blood glucose reading of more than 100 mg/dl to 130 mg/dl, it is a stage of pre-diabetics and there is a need for you to control it, to keep away from diabetes.

To monitor your blood sugar, it is best to get a glucose level testing kit at home, and with the help of it you can keep your blood glucose levels under control. These kits also come with a sugar levels chart for you to understand the readings better. Hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia are conditions caused by high blood glucose levels and low blood glucose levels respectively. Both are immensely harmful to our bodies. Hence, to lead a healthy and diabetic-free life it is important to monitor and keep blood sugar levels under control.


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